Speaker, Facilitator, Athlete, Human Performance Project founder
Speaker, Facilitator, Athlete, Human Performance Project founder
We have superhuman abilities when we unlock our human performance equation and chase our crazy dream


Tyrell Mara

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"We are capable of superhuman powers when we unlock our Human Performance Equation and chase our Audacious Dreams."


$30,000 funding in 30 days.

I need your help to fuel my olympic dream


chase your crazy dream.

Tyrell Mara is a big hairy audacious dream chaser. 

A former NCAA Division 1 basketball captain and champion in athletics Tyrell now has his eyes set on the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 


Tyrell also believes in the power of 'Team' - in the sum of parts being greater than the individual. 

Developing his high performance team building skills on the basketball court he has continued to develop and apply those same principles to enable business teams to unlock their world class capabilities. 



Head first.

off the high dive.

as far into the deep end as possible.

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Tyrell's development framework


public speaking

"We are all capable of chasing our crazy dream. In fact, it is when we do this that we are at our very best as human beings."

Through an authentic and vulnerable voice, Tyrell shares his adventures of chasing big audacious goals and the obstacles that have knocked him down. Ultimately through his story Tyrell's aim is to provide tools and frameworks for how each of us define and pursue greatness in our lives. 

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team building & facilitation

Over the last 20 years Tyrell has dedicated himself to understanding how great teams are formed and shaped. 

From the basketball court to the executive board room, Tyrell leverages his strengths in facilitation, connecting strategy with execution and intrinsic motivation to support teams in their transition from individuals to a single unit that is exponentially greater than the sum of it's parts executing on a clear strategic plan.

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the human performance project

The Human Performance Project was founded to close the gap between what science and world class performers are demonstrating is possible regarding human potential - and all of us.

Through developing our unique Human Performance equation we begin to understand the ingredients required to show up at our best every single day of our lives.