Tyrell Mara - leader, entrepreneur, digital strategist


I’m Tyrell Mara. I’m a coach, consultant, leader and storyteller.

When I was nine years old, I decided that I wanted to play NCAA Division 1 basketball at an American university. Over the next 10 years, I pursued that goal like a pit bull. I trained, stretched, often failed, sometimes succeeded – and eventually, I captained the Portland State University team to two National Tournament appearances.

That experience taught me the power of setting audacious goals and pouring everything you have into achieving them. I realized that nothing is sweeter than building a devoted team, getting everyone on board, and working together toward a goal so big, it’s almost outlandish.

Two other things you need to know about me:

 I’m an Introvert

Leadership is in my DNA

Strange combination, right?

But these two qualities inform everything I do – both as an athlete and a consultant. I process, observe and strategize (introvert) and then share what I’ve learned to guide and teach people working to overcome a variety of challenges (leadership).

My consulting work helps inspired organizations to harness the power of digital communication, in order to attract and engage a passionate community. As a coach, I work with global businesses and athletes alike to help them overcome strategic, personal, and communication challenges and achieve their loftiest goals.

You can find me on Twitter @TyrellMara


You’ll also find me traveling the world in search of the perfect wave, ideally with my amazing wife, Tash, by my side.

Tyrell Mara surfing in Tofino

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