Underneath Collaboration: letting go to build something great

[vc_column_text pb_margin_bottom="no" pb_border_bottom="no" width="1/1" el_position="first last"] I have yet again taken on the task of pursuing a massive, scary, audacious goal… To build a world class transformational leadership program for the next generation of business leaders.

There is only one problem. I have never done this before and have no idea what I am doing… Every day brings another unknown dynamic, another barrier, obstacle, a light bulb moment, followed by clouds of doubt…

underneath collaboration: letting go to build something great

Have you ever started building something brand new and realized you don’t have all the answers? Through my experience I have identified two courses of action when we come to this place:

  1. Build it the way you think is best and move forward with confidence (or perhaps ignorance?).
  2. Build it the way you think is best, than enlist anyone in your support network who is willing to tear it down and help you build it better.

I would argue that the prior is what we naturally default to in subconscious preservation of our ego.

The latter is what makes for truly powerful learning and enterprise collaboration.

And even in reading option 2 my heart starts pounding, I begin feeling intimidated. Knowing that what we have worked so hard to build is about to picked apart 100 different ways. And yet, if we have the right collaboration network in place, there is a very subtle confidence that can be identified in knowing that this less travelled path is where magic happens.

It’s what will make our creation different and unique.

It is what will make our creation step up and stand out in the world.

Despite “collaboration” being the go-to buzz word these days, I am discovering that the key to this equation is more about identifying what is underneath powerful collaboration.

  • It’s the open vulnerability we must access,
  • the full letting go of ego,
  • the deep trust in our community to not sabatage our creation in this state.

As you create your art be it a business, a sport, a hobby, a family, or anything else, I encourage you to consider three steps in enlisting powerful collaboration:

  1. Develop your tribe. Your qualified network of loyal supporters and believers.
  2. Invite the right people into a space of “tearing down to build up” with the explicit lens of support.
  3. Consciously engage in these conversations from a place of open vulnerability. Full letting go. With the confidence of knowing that this is a powerful step in the process of making your art stand out in the world.

Know someone who could use this encouragement? Please share freely with whomever may find it valuable!

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