Listening to Your Internal Compass and Finding Flow in Life

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The most rewarding experiences in life happen when we are deeply aligned to our core passions, joys, and desires as a human beings.

Of course, we can’t be taught what these intangible components are, and there is never a point in life where you entirely figure it out.

But we all have an internal gauge and compass that knows the path and indicates when we’re onto something special. Initially, this guide is so faint it feels like a small flick and is easy to ignore. As with all things that make us special and unique, our truest passions won’t be shared by the majority and the friction to begin swimming upstream will be notiable. Those who do choose to fight the current and take this leap of faith to follow that visceral gut intuition will be rewarded. Initially, this reward is intrinsic, small experiences of flow, energy boosts, purpose, happiness. If you can pursue this passion and ignore and avoid all of the distractions and obstacles trying to pull you back, this internal compass strengthens and as a bi-product your life begins to tangibly transform.

Listening to this internal guide and following it despite all the odds or disbelievers is one of my favorite pursuits in life.

Beyond success, fame, or fortune, my goal is to experience this deep sense of alignment and flow in every single aspect of my life.

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