10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Pursuing Greatness

We are all capable of greatness.

Once that seed of a crazy idea or a far-out dream enters our mind and passionately excites us, we have a choice that could change our lives forever. To follow this dream with reckless abandon, or to shrug it off saying “I could never do that”.

I am speaking to the group of amazing people out there who truly believe that anything (yes anything) is possible if you want it bad enough and are willing to journey that lonely path that comes with the pursuit of greatness.

As a new Crossfit season starts and I spend the next 10 months working towards qualifying for the Crossfit World Games, I took a few minutes to reflect on some key questions that helped me prepare to follow the road less travelled in pursuit of greatness.

1. Do you really want it? Really?

Are you ready to take that leap of faith and dive into the deep end? Despite whatever stretch this greatness may represent are you confident you can get there? This subtle but unshakable confidence will be the fumes you run on to make it through when other run out of gas.

2. What are you willing to sacrifice?

Wherever your pursuit will take you, it will require major sacrifice. This sacrifice will look different for all of us, however one theme remains consistent:

they will be the hardest decisions you have to make, and you will be alone in making them.

Don’t dive into this journey without mentally preparing to walk a different path than those around you. Take a deep breath and remember the feeling of that subtle, deep rooted confidence.

3. Which doors will close by accepting this pursuit?

One of my favourite questions when making big decisions is asking “What am I saying no to?”. This pursuit, this goal, this dream, will demand your greatest assets: time and energy. What are you moving that time and energy away from? What in the future could come up that you would have to turn down?

If an opportunity of a lifetime came up in another area of your life, could you confidently turn it down in pursuit of this one goal?

4. Do the little things excite you?

You will have the opportunity to take short-cuts. Most will opt for this easier, more travelled path. It will be your mental toughness and will power to always focus, care, and do your best at the little things that will make the biggest difference.

5. How much will it hurt?

Don't kid yourself, it’s going to hurt. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There will be times (many times) that you will want to give up, to turn around, to find an easier route. But if you are able to persevere through those moments (and they are only moments in the grand scheme) of pain - it will be SO worth it.

Acknowledge that there will be times when it will hurt like hell, and then smile because you know exactly what is on the other side.

6. Is it worth those hardest moments?

Have you visualized and imagined the hardest moments in this journey?

Take time both consciously and subconsciously to identify the road blocks and gremlins that will get in your way. You won't be able to think of all of them, but the more you can be vulnerable with yourself and make a note of those experiences, the better you will be able to prepare to overcome them.

They will come. Be ready.

7. What does ultimate success feel like, what does it taste like?

Have you thought about what you will feel when you finally reach the summit of this mountain? The clarity of this feeling should be so real that you can close your eyes and visualize that moment as if it was real. This will be your anchor when those darkest moments arrive.

8. Do you have the support you need to get you through?

Perhaps the most pivotal key to any pursuit to greatness.The people you surround yourself with.

You have the subtle confidence to run on fumes, you have acknowledged the sacrifices you will need to make, you may have even prepared yourself for those darkest moments. But none of that compares to hitting rock bottom. That moment when you have, without a doubt, packed it in mentally. It is in this moment of complete despair that you will get an extra life through the support and unrelenting encouragement of your inner circle.

Take a good look at those around you, will they be at your side in that final midnight hour?

Never underestimate the power of community.

9. Does it feel good to share your pursuit with others?

Since about 8 years old I have been writing down my goals and sharing them with the world (okay, at that time it was just my parents and brothers). The difference between telling ourselves we are going to do something, and proclaiming it to those around us is monumental. If you are hesitant about sharing this pursuit with others, you need to think long and hard about why that is and if you are ready.

This not only affirms your decision publicly, but it helps your inner circle prepare themselves to support you unconditionally in that journey.

10. Are you ready to stand up to the people who will try to knock you down?

I can guarantee you that along that road there will be people who try to knock you down. Who want to see you fail. Sometimes they will be standing right there in front of you, and other times they will go out of their way to see you fail.

These antagonists can’t be ignored or swept under the rug. There will be confrontation - you will be challenged to stand up and wear your beliefs and conviction boldly.

And this will fuel you to continue on.

The pursuit of greatness in life and sport
The pursuit of greatness in life and sport

Are you ready?

If you are overwhelmed with a sense of anxiousness, nerves, excitement, fear, or maybe even flat out scared to death - than you are ready.

As nerve racking as these emotions can be, they are one of the best internal gauges to show that you care enough to make it through.

The Challenge

I encourage you to take some time and think about what that pursuit means to you? If that ideas has sprouted, I challenge you to share it with someone.

You can start right now by sharing your goal or dream in the comment box at the bottom of the page - I would be honoured to support you in your journey!