Turning Down a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity & the 'Hell Yes or No' Manifesto

[vc_column_text pb_margin_bottom="no" pb_border_bottom="no" width="1/1" el_position="first last"] My eyes widened as I heard the news. I was one of 50 Lululemon Ambassadors from 1,000s around the world invited to attend their week long global leadership retreat.

What an incredible opportunity. Once in a lifetime. The people I will meet. The conversations and experiences I will have, I thought.

My next thought, however,  hit me like a winding blow to the stomach...

It wasn't quite that easy as the decision I was going to make dawned on me... The retreat directly conflicted with a week of critically important work with my team at BuildDirect, a dozen or so Discus training sessions, and the daily opportunities I cherish to help my wife raise our daughter.

This was going to be tough.

After a couple days of deep reflection, and to my utter surprise, I respectfully turned down this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sacrifice is a constant on the path to greatness

Sure I could have juggled my schedule to make it work. Skipped track practices, let my team figure things out, and pretend Tash doesn't have her hands full running a business and raising O at the same time.

But I couldn't absolutely say with 100% confidence say it was a 'Hell Yes' opportunity.

This is now one of 7 major once in a lifetime opportunities I have made the choice to decline this year.

Do you want it bad enough?

Saying No to an incredible opportunity is hard. It's incredibly hard. But that is what is so exciting about chasing big hairy audacious goals and striving for high performance in any pursuit.

The tough decisions are leading indicators you're on the right path.

The outcome you desire isn't achievable without these tests of will power and attrition.

My 'Hell Yes or No' Manifesto

If I've learnt one thing over the years it's that when I see a consistent behaviour driven by gut and intuition there's usually a deeper framework at play. So I did some digging - what came out of it was a deeper understanding of my 'Hell Yes' framework:

  1. an opportunity or platform to share my story and positively influence others
  2. once in a lifetime physical or nomadic adventures.
  3. experiences that will push my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical limits to their breaking point.
  4. leadership opportunities to mobilize teams to help others at scale

The Road Less Travelled.

As I saw the Snaps and Instagram pictures of the Global Lululemon Ambassador Leadership Retreat I was envious and disappointed at first. Look at what I missed... But believe it or not that phase quickly passed, and I was left feeling overcome with a sense of pride and confidence that I had made the right decision.

There will always be another retreat. There will always be another this, or another that. There is nothing more clear to me than the path that I am on and I will continue to apply my own 'Hell Yes or No' Manifesto to each opportunity that comes my way.

Are you owning every decision you make?

How are you defining your Hell Yes or No moments?

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