Learning to Flow with the Subconscious

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The inevitable energy crash

It had been a long, intense and demanding 12 hour parenting and work day.

And it was only 5pm.

By the time I got to the track for practice I was feeling extremely drained and foggy from the day in the office. I gratefully accepted the opportunity to mentally start shifting to my track practice.

As I began warming up I could feel my mind begin to let go of all the stresses and demands of the day. I started to focus on the various technical cues I had been focusing on in the ring that week. As the blood started pumping I could feel my mind and soul re-energizing. It was as if the stress of the day was melting off of my body.

And then something magical happened.

As I began walking to the equipment shed to get my discus' something started to click.
Earlier I had been struggling to put together a presentation on Chasing BHAGs and the High Performance Equation, it had felt painful and slow going.
Now, in what felt like the blink of an eye the ideas started to flow. Key stories, themes and transitions effortlessly appeared in my head. I literally stopped in my tracks for a moment, acknowledging the phenomenon. It felt like my mind was giving me a gift, opening up and placing the vision for this experience right in front of me.
I smiled.

Flow fuels the subconscious

Flow is a beautiful thing, and sometimes it takes completely letting go of what you're desperately trying to solve to allow the solution to come to you.
And this isn't any special skill, we all have this ability.
I find the equation is most potent when we are able to transition between extreme areas of passion. Activities that we absolutely love and fully show up to. This full and intentional transition of focus relieves the stress and pressure trapping your mind on the previous problem. As that problem floats up into your subconscious your brain is able to transform it in new ways.

By letting go you are igniting the entire capacity of your mind to do its best work.

Fleeting moments of brilliance

I quickly jogged back to my phone so I could document the breakthrough before it escaped me.
We can create these moments of brilliance often, but they don't last long. Be intentional about capturing those thoughts that inspire you, the Aha moments, you never know when a thought could transform your life or inspire someone else's.

The Challenge

So, the next time you feel like powering through a frustrating mental block, or feel like you can't handle the pressure and stress of the world - I challenge you to take a full stop and go immerse yourself in a complete different area of life you love equally.

You'll be amazed at the magic that can happen.

photo: Kamesh Vedula

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