The Science of Flow with Vancouver Brain Lab

The path to Flow

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 12 years old, laying on the couch in our living room wearing funky electric glasses and headphones that played a low-fi humming noise. I was undergoing my first 'Flow hypnotherapy' session led by my aunt, Barb, who at the time worked with elite athletes to help them architect a mental path to peak performance.

I remember thinking at the outset at what a weird and uncomfortable process this was... When I woke up on the other side 30 minutes later I realized I had just experienced something game changing.

The science of peak performance

Fast forward nearly 20 years later and alongside still working with Barb I have had the great privilege of collaborating with the talented Hiroku Demichelis of Vancouver Brain Lab and Moment Meditation. Hiro took me inside my brain to observe what is actually happening when I am put under stress, finding Flow, and recovering. Within minutes we were able to identify which brain waves I had the opportunity to throttle up or down (specifically 5hz theta, 9hz low alpha, 12hz high alpha, and 22-23hz high beta) to optimize my Flow equation. Hiro then guided me through several exercises that created this shift to a peak performance brain state - we observed these shifts taking place in real time with the feedback monitor speaking for my brain.

Why Flow?

Flow and optimal performance are a super hero powers. My observations of world tell me they still are portrayed largely a mystical art. Those who stumble across this door and unlock it become the game changers. Those who continue walking through it their entire life end up changing the world.

Ever since sitting down on that couch for my first visualization session I had a sense this state could be created and called on demand. I am grateful for this next evolution in my learning of peak performance and the science of Flow from Hiro and Vancouver Brain Lab.

Hiroku did a complete analysis of our session including actual images of my brain waves which you can read over at Moment Meditation.

Tyrell Mara - Moment Meditation - science of flow
Tyrell Mara - Moment Meditation - science of flow

The Final Word

On the surface this process is simple and self-serving... If my Olympic dream rides on 1 throw lasting 1.5 seconds in time, I better make sure I'm doing everything I can to align each neuron and brain wave in my body to dance in harmony for that peak.

But underneath this there is a more profound and universally applicable value in my pursuit of Flow...

I know that every second I can architect Flow in my life I am learning and growing at an accelerated rate. As I add these second up into minutes, hours and eventually days the compounding effects are game changing. Eventually they become world changing.

And this, I believe, is something worth living for.