A Day in the Life of a Canadian Olympic Hopeful

Time and energy.

Two assets fully in my control that I am mindful of above all else. Everyday I am constantly checking in on my energy, what is fuelling my richest and deepest sources of energy? What is dragging me down? What do I need to restore the balance and my Flow, enabling my best work. And how do I leverage my time to accomplish these things which will ultimately propel me towards my dreams and living the richest life possible.

But enough with the philosophy. As I navigate a demanding full time career in leadership and product management, train 25+ hours a week for the Olympics, and be a present father and husband - here is the practical breakdown of what most of my days look like.

510AM - Wake up. Whisper a motto for the day, jump out of bed and into the shower. 3 minutes later I'm throwing on my clothes laid out night before. Grab my lunch, several dozen snacks and breakfast smoothy all ready to go in the fridge. Drink a litre of water, take Vitamin D and Cordyceps. Load everything up including 3 sets of training gear in my bags for the day.

5:30AM - On the road from Walnut Grove to downtown Vancouver. Listening to “the Daily” podcast or an audiobook (currently Stress Test by Tim Guistman). Consume massive premade breakfast smoothy.

6:10AM - Land at BuildDirect headquarters starting the day at work. Preparing presentations, checking dashboards, responding to emails and ensuring the team is set up to have a great day.

730AM - Race down to MVMT Lab for Jeff Almon’s Ground Control class.

Vancouver MVMT Lab - Ground Control Class
Vancouver MVMT Lab - Ground Control Class

830AM - Race back up to the office and begin the day with the team at BuildDirect.

11AM - Try to get out of the office for a quick walk, coffee, conversation and breath of fresh air.

1PM - Head down to Moment Meditation neuroscience and mindfulness lab, say hi to the incredible team there. Put everything on pause, meditate for 20 minutes - sleep for 20 minutes.

Moment Meditation - Vancouver BC - Mindfulness
Moment Meditation - Vancouver BC - Mindfulness

145PM - Back to BuildDirect for one last working session of the day.

4PM - begin the sprint out to Richmond which usually includes a stop at BEC for a smoothy and additional fuel.

5PM - Discus technical practice with Coach Garrett Collier at the Collier throws facility, Minoru park in Richmond, BC.

630PM - Transition to Pure Payne athletics for strength and technical movement work.

745PM - Finish up at Pure Payne and begin the commute back home. 40 minutes to practice upcoming public speaking or facilitation events. Or continue listening to audio book.

830PM - Arrive home. Help Tash with cleaning up and getting ready for dinner and bed. Finish any work for the day. Eat dinner while watching a few minutes of a show and chatting with Tash.

920PM - Go in and see Olia for a brief moment, watch her sleeping peacefully - acknowledge that all is good with the world.

930PM - In bed for our evening ritual of reading a book together (currently The Underground Railroad). On most nights I read and Tash listens.

945PM - Lights out.

A day well lived.

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