A Day in the Life of a Canadian Olympic Hopeful

Time and energy.

Two assets fully in my control that I am mindful of above all else. Everyday I am constantly checking in on my energy, what is fuelling my richest and deepest sources of energy? What is dragging me down? What do I need to restore the balance and my Flow, enabling my best work. And how do I leverage my time to accomplish these things which will ultimately propel me towards my dreams and living the richest life possible.

But enough with the philosophy. As I navigate a demanding full time career in leadership and product management, train 25+ hours a week for the Olympics, and be a present father and husband – here is the practical breakdown of what most of my days look like.

510AM – Wake up. Whisper a motto for the day, jump out of bed and into the shower. 3 minutes later I’m throwing on my clothes laid out night before. Grab my lunch, several dozen snacks and breakfast smoothy all ready to go in the fridge. Drink a litre of water, take Vitamin D and Cordyceps. Load everything up including 3 sets of training gear in my bags for the day.

5:30AM – On the road from Walnut Grove to downtown Vancouver. Listening to “the Daily” podcast or an audiobook (currently Stress Test by Tim Guistman). Consume massive premade breakfast smoothy.

6:10AM – Land at BuildDirect headquarters starting the day at work. Preparing presentations, checking dashboards, responding to emails and ensuring the team is set up to have a great day.

730AM – Race down to MVMT Lab for Jeff Almon’s Ground Control class.

Vancouver MVMT Lab - Ground Control Class

830AM – Race back up to the office and begin the day with the team at BuildDirect.

11AM – Try to get out of the office for a quick walk, coffee, conversation and breath of fresh air.

1PM – Head down to Moment Meditation neuroscience and mindfulness lab, say hi to the incredible team there. Put everything on pause, meditate for 20 minutes – sleep for 20 minutes.

Moment Meditation - Vancouver BC - Mindfulness

145PM – Back to BuildDirect for one last working session of the day.

4PM – begin the sprint out to Richmond which usually includes a stop at BEC for a smoothy and additional fuel.

5PM – Discus technical practice with Coach Garrett Collier at the Collier throws facility, Minoru park in Richmond, BC.

630PM – Transition to Pure Payne athletics for strength and technical movement work.

745PM – Finish up at Pure Payne and begin the commute back home. 40 minutes to practice upcoming public speaking or facilitation events. Or continue listening to audio book.

830PM – Arrive home. Help Tash with cleaning up and getting ready for dinner and bed. Finish any work for the day. Eat dinner while watching a few minutes of a show and chatting with Tash.

920PM – Go in and see Olia for a brief moment, watch her sleeping peacefully – acknowledge that all is good with the world.

930PM – In bed for our evening ritual of reading a book together (currently The Underground Railroad). On most nights I read and Tash listens.

945PM – Lights out.

A day well lived.

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  1. Toly March 16, 2017 Reply

    It’s crazy how many things you manage to squeeze into one day and still be productive, energetic and motivated! Very impressive

    PS You throw fresh eggs into your smoothie?

  2. Author
    Tyrell Mara March 17, 2017 Reply

    Toly! Thanks for stopping by my friend.

    Yes, it’s definitely become an art to manage many sprints within the marathon of the day. Recovery has been a huge aspect of that balance.

    As for the smoothy, yes 3 fresh raw eggs every night for my morning smoothy – just keep it in the fridge overnight.

    Let’s connect soon!

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